Front row left to right: Alison Horton, Vice President; Sue McKie, President; Linda Brown, Treasurer; Georgene Gottsch, Secretary
Back Row: Duane Krusemark, Director, Elementary Principal; Amy Ekeler, Director; Carmen Imm, Director; Macy Dewispelare, Director; Melissa Poloncic, Ex-Officio Director, District Superintendent; Patrick McCarville, Director

The DC West Schools Foundation is a coalition of advocates for the Waterloo and Valley, Nebraska community united to inspire educational opportunities in support of students and staff by providing sustainable funds beyond traditional resources. To learn more about how you can get involved, please contact us by emailing We will let you know if any committee or volunteer opportunities come available!

Board of Directors

Sue McKie, President

Alison Horton, Vice President

Georgene Gottsch, Secretary

Carmen Imm, Director

Macy Dewispelare, Director

Amy Ekeler, Director

Melissa Poloncic, DC West Superintendent